With every coitus act, they created a great spiraling might of their love.

Breaking through the clouds of callous cruelty and the mists of misanthropy and misunderstanding, the fever of fear will be fired and flown. And all distrust and disheartenment with be destroyed and disintegrated.

For just for a moment, the skies with be calm with the serenity of the heart and the life of love. For just a moment, the world will be clear and shining with breathless beauty.

Love and life and beauty and serenity are all around us. But sometimes, we need the parting of clouds to remind us of it once more.




1. an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honour, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment.

2. the object, state, or result desired or sought after.

3. desire for work or activity; energy.


4. to seek after earnestly; aspire to.

With every second he was brought closer to the point of no return he became more in tuned with the universe.

Strands of ecstasy pulled him ever deeper into the abyss of depthless love.

Pinned by her compulsions, he started to feel his own uncontrollable shakes.

Reaching his zenith, the final threshold is reached.

The violent, uncontrollable convulsions catapults him into death so to squeeze out and give her life.

The greater the feeling of death and sacrifice, the stronger the gift becomes of love and devotion.



we’ve traveled the depths of hell and the heights of heaven and still can’t get enough of each other

abbiamo raggiunto le profondità dell’inferno ed il sublime paradiso, e ancora non ne ho avuto abbastanza

It is not until the love kills you, that it is true.

She faced the fearful monster with naked innocence.

In response, the beast gently but firmly grasped her.

They locked their eyes onto one another.

They writhed together with tiny but clear gestures.

Eyes locked.

A finger in the mouth welcomed with a gentle nuzzle of the tongue.

Eyes locked.

Hot breath on the neck responded by a heated gasp.

Eyes locked.

Once trust was sufficiently exercised through this play and display of submission, they began to become more heated. More firm. More forward. More intense.

From strokes to grasps. Glance to grind.

There will be thrusts. There will be groins. But all through it all, they will stay locked in that delicate symbiotic embrace that is explored with love and with trust.



Look closer. That’s not fear on her face.

And it’s not harm he wishes to do her.

On the end of her leash, she held a beast at bay.

Strapped to her collar, he would be her submissive pray.

Given the word, he will de-robe her innocence with bestial intent.

But if he ruins her, it’s only because she gives him consent.

Either with fair delicacy or with brute strength and might,

He will sate his thirst in accordance with her appetite.

Forever hers, forever his,

He will always be there, as her shadow, as her knight.

(Source: gloriousdepravity)

There is a certain privacy when one is in a crowd. Hidden amongst the bodies, one is capable of doing all kinds of shocking obscenities. They of course enjoyed toying with this fact. And so the busy daily commute became their favioute game. He would creep up on her or she on him and one would degrade the other. Both participants must keep up most civil control, of course.

The stakes were raised when the girl awoke to an incredible vibrator belt and a letter. After reading the rules of the game, she nervously applied the vibrator set and donned the required clothing. All the way to the tube station she walked with heavy breath as if with fright, for she knew that there was a good chance she could fail this assignment. She was petrified at the thought of having to control herself for so long in public.

Without spotting her master, she held tight on a pole, unsure when the torment would start. She didn’t have to wait long until the first setting was pressed.

He watched her intently as he raised the grades. He watched as she let slip a gasp or a slight drop in the knees. And each time he raised the tempo.

Most people hate the morning commute on the tubes. The canned sardine feeling with it’s always unbearable heat and uncomfortable squeeze between the stranger and the strange. 

But she thought differently. From the moment she first moved to the city and was pressed against bodies from all sides, all towering over her, with their perspiration and close proximity. There was something in that which she liked.

She noticed their many idle hands. She noticed that she could stare at chest and groin without attention. She noticed how she started to wear smaller skirts and bustier bras.

It wasn’t long before she started playing games with the strangers sense of civil decency. She would watch as they would squirm in embarrassment when they realised that they had touched her bare thigh or brushed her perked breasts. The start of the journey back from work were always the best for this for the tubes would be too dense for the men to move, and so, the men would have to stay in their upright positions with thigh, groin, ass, and hand all pressed against her moist body in the hot carriage.

Still, the fantasy wasn’t complete until there was a breaking point in morals. She wanted all those squirming wimpy hands to retaliate. To grab, to grope, to rip and tear and wonder and take. She wanted cocks, pressed, against her. She wanted to be treat like a rag doll. She wanted to feel powerless. She yearned to feel defiled. She wanted fingers in her every available hole while she was fucked, she needed her body to be pressed as she was drilled, she wanted to feel nothing but cum and sweat and penetration. She wanted to be violated by a thousand hands and cocks and to be extinguished with a thousand gushing orgasms. She needed to be destroyed.

He was a pleasant boy she thought when he used to mow her lawns. It’s nice to see the local youth helping out in their local area, you know.

But when he accepted to build her a pond. When she saw him clothed as he always was one minute, then topless the next. She began to admire and then to linger a little more as she watched his tight young body dig and bend and thrust and tighten and release. Sweat drenched body. Sun glistened muscles. And the energy. Oh the energy impressed her a whole lot. DIgging, scrapping, pilling up the dirt pile, digging some more. He never stopped. What vigor and vitality.

After just two whole days of watching his tauntings she began to think of his cock. Of how his young bloom would throb and ache with virility. She immediately felt more youthful as she imagined his dick thrusting hard inside of her. The muscles she would grab, the cock that she would devour. She would crush him into the ground to siphor his youth. He will be drained dry.

(Source: man-rape)

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